Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 2 - Orlando / Mariner

We got up on Sunday morning, got breakfast and let the kids swim some more. Then we drove out to Cape Canaveral, dropped off our rental car and took the shuttle to the port.

Getting checked in was a breeze ... I was impressed with Royal Caribbean's efficiency.

Our rooms were ready right away (yay!) and we checked them out. We were on the Deck 6 and Dave and I had a verandah cabin and the boys were together in an inside cabin across the hall. The boys were NOT happy about this situation initially and there was much grumbling and complaining about the size of their cabin. This subsided when Dave and I informed them that they were lucky to even be ON the trip with us, since it was our celebration of our 15th anniversary.

We checked out the ship briefly and then got to do the lovely muster drill.

After the drill we basically hung out and around ... the boys swam and I read.

We had late dinner, at 8:45 and met our fabulous server, Amalia. The boys were a little crazy at dinner and I ended up escorting Justin back to the room and brought his dinner down to him later.

I got everyone unpacked and Dave crashed early.

I rounded up Justin and Patrick from the kids' clubs and got them to bed and crashed myself. A very busy first day!

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